It's an inevitable and insufferable fact that we all have *flaws* of some sort.

But the key word is all.

Because I don't believe I've met or photographed one single person that wasn't a little nervous (or entirely freaked out), thinking that all of their flaws are the WORST.

When that just simply is not the truth.

My goal is inspire you, love on you and get you to believe in yourself.

You weren't made to be perfect, no one is.

But you deserve to be happy. And you deserve to love your body.

With every scar, dip, spot and stretch. Unique color and NORMAL size.

You are beautiful. And damn it, it's about time you started really feeling like it, too.

Pricing & Packages

Full Session


One hour of shooting time, at the location we plan together. You will receive every image I edit + love by online download.

One complimentary high-quality XL print of my favorite image from your session.

Retreat Days


Depending on what's all planned and where at, admission price varies. To learn more, scroll below and read all about empowerment retreat days!


Spooky {Mini} Retreat - A night-time retreat, full of spooky-sexy Halloween fun. We'll eat cider & doughnuts by fire, carve pumpkins, have hair & make-up and of course, photo sessions the entire time. This is going to be such a fun and scary switch up from the normal retreat!

On-location sessions.

Which means wherever you are comfortable intimately shooting.

+ Your home, a studio or perhaps a rad AirBnB, a secluded outdoor location we come up with, or maybe you have a cool friend with a really awesome house.

Think outside of the box!

...your bed / shower / countertop... sky is the limit!

The best way to really get empowered...

empowerment retreats.

happy, loving vibes

Empowerment Retreats are day-long events, full of necessary relaxation & party fun. Getting pampered, goodies, and you guessed it, lots of photos!

Music is usually going, yummy snacks & BYOB drinks are being shared and we all make a few new friends before the day is over. Retreats are the best way to get the feel of a full boudoir session... and also get one hell of an experience.


Inner growth. Relaxation. Pure happiness.

& as if that wasn't enough:

  • a mini session, in which I end up delivering about 30 photos, give or take
  • complimentary professional hair & make-up
  • occasionally we have goodies to hand out

... the coolest new village of buddies that has your back.

our very first retreat! A swanky airbnb in Grand Rapids, MI.

for last summer's retreat, we camped out together overnight!

February 2019, was a warm & cozy day together around a fireplace.

And last but not least, our latest pool party retreat was the greatest time yet. Take me back, forever.