Empowerment Session Testimonials

"I did my first boudoir shoot as part of my maternity pictures almost 2 years ago. I was so nervous and felt so vulnerable, and was almost too afraid to ask if we could do some photos like that. I knew if I didn't ask I would totally regret it, and when I finally got the nerve to ask, Nic was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. Since then, I have participated in each retreat. Each one has been so different and all so equally amazing and fun. I was always so uncomfortable in my skin growing up, but it wasn't until after I had my kids, that I finally felt ok with how I looked, regardless of my weight or other flaws that I saw in myself, and these retreats have helped solidify that for me. We are our own worst critics, and by doing these retreats, with all of these beautiful women building each other up, it's such an amazing experience of camaraderie and helps you forget all of those insecurities that you have about yourself. If you get a chance to join one of Nic's retreats, do it! You won't regret it."


"I’ve done two retreats. They are without a doubt such a positive and uplifting experience! The amazing bond you build with these women that you didn’t even know, in a few hours, is amazing. So often women tear each other down and here there is never a negative thing said. Everyone feels like your best friend and your biggest supporters.

For me personally, it’s given me a lot of confidence, I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy the look of my body again after having a baby. Nic really helped me feel comfortable and beautiful again. My body isn’t perfect, it won’t ever be again. But these retreats really helped me learn to be ok and start loving my body again."


"So far I've done 3 and a half (or more, lol) boudoir shoots with Nic. I LOVE her. She is the reason I see myself differently. The first was a mini, and the 15 min session turned into an hour. It was originally for myself, but I did have some items with me that represented my love for my "husband" at the time. I felt like something intervened in my life at this moment because a couple months later, I would find out that my 12 year marriage was a lie. And honestly, if I had not done this session with her, I would not be where I am today. I was so comfortable with her that I ended up naked (and let's be real here - Oct 2017, I hated myself. I thought I was fat, ugly, my teeth were gross and I was just plain never going to be good enough for my husband). From the moment I got home after the session and she sent me the NUDE photo and said "girl, this is 100% you, no editing", I had an epiphany. I WAS good enough. I was beautiful. My body was (still is yo!) amazing. And that set me up for the following December, where I learned that my husband had been sleeping with a 21 year old coworker. Now, I'm not good with words and usually I ask Nic of ways to say things without sounding like an idiot, but I obviously couldn't do that for this post. She changed my life. I owe 100% of where I am at now to her. I just wanted to make sure that anyone who was on the fence about having a session done knew that it's worth it. I'm here if anyone has questions and needs to talk. Most likely I've been there and not only is this group here for empowerment but also mental support."


"My first retreat was after a long night of work and two hours of sleep. I had forgot my friend Kristina had invited me. I was a little skeptical at first. As a dark girl, I always remind people I need a flash. But Nic assured me that my pics would be beautiful. I can not wait to be photographed again."


"Definitely an experience I would recommend every woman to try at least once! At first ,I was super anxious in the worst way. Nic reassured me my anxieties were nothing but normal. I wanted to back out so badly as I have never been confident about my body or my pale skin. But once I suited down to my almost nothing’s and got out there with the girls, it really changed my views about myself. It made me feel more comfortable in my skin... which really means a lot."


"Retreats are basically my favorite things ever. I have been to all three (because I am a psycho planner who over thinks life) . They are the only time I allow my self to take a step back, without a toddler holding on for dear life, and remember that I am important too. 

Moments in these pictures are indescribable. It's 100% different than you would ever imagine. It's the biggest, badass girl party ever. In that moment, that day, that weekend you have a small community of woman who love, support, and uplift you to the point that you forget about the flaws that you focused on the whole drive there. Hanging out half naked with other woman SOUNDS uncomfortable, but really it's the most cathartic experience ever.

And Nic, thanks for capturing the moments that make us love ourselves. Thank you for giving them all to us so that we can be reminded on days when we don't feel beautiful. We owe you so much."

AB - the best retreat organizer, assistant & friend ever

"Nic does an amazing job! For this last retreat, I really wasn't feeling myself (like at all) but when Nic points the camera at you, you feel all the confidence in the world. Thanks girl, love you!"


"I signed up for this retreat very last minute and instantly regretted it — until I went. The idea of wearing lingerie in front of other beautiful women was intimidating. I thought that the entire time I’d be comparing my body to the bodies of those around me. But above all else, the scariest thing was “trying” to be sexy.

I have never considered myself to be beautiful - led alone sexy - but my incredible friend Chandra encouraged me to join.

I’ve struggled with body image and body dysmorphia for as long as I could remember. From struggling with an E.D. to being diagnosed with a hormone disorder that caused me to gain weight beyond my control.

The point of all of this is that Nic is basically a badass fairy godmother that encouraged me and lifted me up the entire time. I didn’t feel insecure for a second. She took incredible photos that made me feel beautiful and I’m so thankful for this retreat."