I don't 100000000% love my body. And it took me a while to go "and that's fine." Because I also am not naive in the fact that I know I'm not the only one that feels this way about themselves. I really think it's just human nature to immediately scorn at yourself and adorn over others. But the thing is - if we all view one another differently, why not tell each other?

When I first thought of retreats, my only idea was to get individuals together in a safe-space to talk candidly about their body issues and have deep conversations about, well anything really that they needed to talk about. Including sessions only sparked in my head when I was shooting boudoir in 2017 and saw how the sessions where I had a client come with a friend in tow to cheer them on and make them more comfortable, made it just that - 50x more relaxed and fun. And then after a few months of tossing around an idea of a safe-space Facebook group for boudoir sessions, I thought why not combine it all? If I can do it, why not?

So I came up with events where we have fun, relax, bond and shoot. We cheer each other on, we have mini fashion shows in front of people who will hoot & holler for us and we really learn how to give compliments and love one another. We can post later in the closed group, and give each other more love later. If you aren't comfortable sharing your images publicly, you at least have a space to flaunt it.

I never had a bigger feeling of community until I created the retreats and bonded with my girls.

But, retreats aren't only for ladies - It's just been women that have attended, so far. Retreats/my brand/Facebook group are inclusive and LGBTQIA+ /POC/marginalized persons are welcome and prioritized. This is a safe-space and you will never be turned away, well, unless you're a jerk that is. Misogynistic energy and overall cis-hetero-male energy is not welcome as these are damaging to our prioritized friends that could attend.

Full One-on-One Sessions

One hour of shooting time, at a suitable location we plan together. You will receive every image I edit + love by online download.


Retreat Events

Day long fun designed to not only help you open up about your body's unique story + learn to love yourself, but to love back & help others feel that power too. Mini photo session, complimentary hair & make-up and, occasionally, small goodies are included.


happy, loving vibes

Lizzo is usually singing to us over Pandora in the background, yummy snacks & BYOB drinks are being shared and we all make a few new friends before the day is over.

Pending on what the retreat theme is, we could be relaxing by a fire in a cabin, at a swanky condo living the urban life or really relaxing, floating on a raft in a pool. I try to make every retreat different and include different bonding activities, snacks and of course, props and ideas.


Inner growth. Relaxation. Pure happiness. Ultimate Bonding.

& as if that wasn't enough:

  • a mini session, in which I end up delivering about 30 photos, give or take
  • complimentary hair & make-up (this is case-to-case basis, pending on retreat)
  • occasionally we have goodies to hand out

....and the coolest new village of buddies that has your back.

words from nic on past retreats

One / April 2018

“I booked a really sweet Airbnb for my very first retreat. {First Set of Photos Below} It was a really modern condo, neutral tones mixed with vintage brick. We only had 6 ladies with us and our day wasn't incredibly long, but myself and my best friend & assistant Abi, stayed the night together and just had a girls night. It was really low-maintence (hi, I'm not at home!) and a nice getaway. I would totally book it again and do a really small retreat.”

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