Hi there, I'm Nic.

I never thought I would share my own boudoir photos, let alone even take some, but here I am. In all my bold (& half nekkid) glory.

Inspiring others fuels yourself & the vice versa. And probably why empowering intimate photography is my personal favorite. ✿

I'm a documentary-style photographer, based in Michigan. I specialize in intimate views of families, individuals, children & couples, events like births & concerts and wedding photography.

I am a cheerleader for the marginalized and I believe love has no bounds. I am a kind, intuitive and understanding individual and I strive to get close to my clients to create timeless frames in every session. 

+ I'm often referred to as my client's "personal photographer", which honestly, describes me completely.

I thrive on being able to create emotional thrilling portraits in every scenario, while giving my clients room to express themselves & capture the real them. I pose lightly with fun & emotive prompts to capture your natural reactions. To make you really feel something.  I absolutely love being a watcher in someone's unique story. Being able to illustrate that special time, over and over again for years to come, is so fulfilling to me.

In addition to what I really enjoy doing,

I'm also a mother + wife, which are my favorite things in the entire world.

In addition to what I really enjoy doing,

I'm also a mother + wife, which are my favorite things in the entire world.

My family is my rock. My husband Rob, who shoots every wedding beside me, is my best friend and biggest supporter. We've been best friends since the ages of nearly three and six (yeah!) and I just can't imagine my life without him.

My two kiddos, Eli and Evan, are my world (& what makes it crazy!) and they not only give me something to photograph always, but they sparked my transition into lifestyle photography and I'm very thankful for that. They showed my heart what it needed to see. I love exploring with them and documenting all of their little moments. I know I will look back on these days and be so fortunate to have had my camera in my hand.


food, specifically junk food. give me ALL the sweets! Pop (I'm so sadly addicted, lol). video games. coffee. Techy-stuff. Long car rides w/ my husband. Crab rangoons. Feeling soft, cool sand between your toes. Dancing with friends. That new clothes feeling. Traveling. Just being plain ol happy.

it's a no-go for me, pal:

snakes. creepy crawlies. semi-trucks. clowns. tanning beds. {Thanks Final Destination & my best friend for it on repeat, for half of these, haha.} Oh, social media - itself/the up-keep are annoying & I wish I didn't have to have, lol.

my photography style:

I really enjoy sessions where I get to explore with kiddos, help empower individuals with intimate frames of themselves or get to be really candid & intimate with couples.

My overall style is moody, candid, emotional and colorful. Or not colorful at all because my favorite photos are really contrasty black & whites. Every session with me is so completely different.

+  I'm creative, funny, empathetic and a cheerleader for anyone who doesn't see just as amazing qualities in themselves - I pride myself on that. I believe true beauty starts with our inner and feeling good. That's why I really love shooting intimate sessions. Empowering others is definitely something to make you feel really, really damn good about.

Follow along w/ (mostly) my daily life & (occasionally) my work